The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Minisode 59

Selling the rights to the podcast to bail Mark out.

The show starts off with Cline talking about how he was trying to make himself cry. Plus they talk about Mark’s molester glasses, getting your ears lowered, selling the rights to the Podcast to bail Mark out of jail and talk about Lena Dunham’s outrageous book deal.


The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Minisode 58

How would you decorate the Oval office?

The show starts off with the guys mentioning that Cline has a bad case of hiccups. They Wonder why the President has never had the hiccups during an important speech or debate. Cline then tells us how each President gets to decorate the Oval Office. They also talk about knitting, creating doubles and not much more!


Shut Up And Watch The Movie: My So-Called Life Pilot

My So-Called Life

In this edition of Shut Up and watch The Movie! the guys dip their toes into the television waters and watch the first episode of My So-called Life, which premiered on August 25th 1994. After watching the show a young Mike Cline Jr. would fall in love with Claire Danes and write her a fan letter which she would never return. This is a first in a series of television pilots that the guys will provide commentary.

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