New site is up, sort of.


Shut Up And Watch The Movie! Episode One: October 6th

After getting our last site hijacked by evil hackers we decided to start from scratch and create our very own podcast network. In addition to our regular daily lineup we will also have other excellent podcasts to choose from as well. The debut of Shut Up And Watch The Movie! will be up this weekend and a new sports show is coming in the next few weeks. We appreciate any feedback and your patience as we get this new site in working order. As always spread the word!

The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Minisode 42

Cline starts the show off by treating the listeners to his beautiful singing voice and they also talk about the Nickelback guy-Avril Lavigne engagement and they wonder who would actually admit they are a Nickelback fan. Plus other topics such as stickers on ball caps, old guys unable to hold their urine and more!