This is Where You Come In- The Hotshot Whiz Kids Episode 745

In the latest episode of the podcast the guys talk about a number of gripes they have. Later they discuss how stupid people are. Finally Mark gives a quick tutorial on how to make a key lime pie with only three ingredients.

TV Cynics: Little House On The Prairie

This time on TV Cynics the guys take a nostalgic trip back to Walnut Grove where they visit with PA, MA, Half Pint and that Nellie.

The Hotshot Whiz kids Anniversary “Special”!- The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 744

This time on the show, the guys mark the 10th anniversary of the podcast. It was 10 years ago this week when the first episode dropped. The guys talk about the expectations of the show and how they all fell short. later the guys talk about looking at your own reflection, not wearing masks, giant pancakes and more!

I know A Guy-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Episode 743

This time on the show the guys discuss how they don’t know a guy to help with various problems. Meanwhile, Mark talks about his black market haircut. Plus, robo calls, peanut butter and more!

TV Cynics- Old People Shows

This time on the podcast the guys take a look back at all of the favorite shows of senior citizens everywhere in the 1980s and early 90s. Shows that all featured mysteries being solved by lawyers, doctors, priests and mystery writers. Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote and Father Dowling Mysteries.