TV Cynics-Cheers

Making your way through the world today, takes everything you got. That is why we are reviewing the legendary sitcom, Cheers. A mainstay of NBC programming throughout the 80s, we take a look back at Sam, Woody, Carla, Cliff and the gang!

TV Cynics- Saved By The Bell

This week we are heading back to the Max and bayside High for a nostalgic, yet cynical look back at Saved By The Bell!

TV Cynics- Charles In Charge

Have you ever asked yourself, who you would want in charge of your days AND your nights? Well for most people who lived through the eighties, the answer would be Charles, of course!

TV Cynics: Who’s The Boss?

This week the Whiz Kids take a look back at the classic 80s sitcom, Who’s The Boss. The guys talk about every young boys dream girl, Sam, how hot Mona was and the many Tony’s of Tony Danza!