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Why Would You Eat Cake By The Ocean?-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Pop Clips!


his time on the show the guys start off by talking about all the characters they used to see on a regular basis at their local mall. Finally, they get to some clips and listen to Katt Williams latest legal woes at a pool store. Plus the latest Kimmy V-logs, weird girls showing their haul, comparing and contrasting the hollies Bus Stop with Rihanna’s Umbrella, Cake By The Ocean and a hot track from Mr. Mister!


A Version Of Facebook That Only Posts The Horrible things In Your Life-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 575


This time on the show Mark explains how it would be impossible for him to die in a fire. Later the guys discuss overconfidence and decide that having low self esteem is actually has its advantages, mainly not dying while doing risky things. Plus the guys talk about Jim Rome, crazy twitter feminists, twitter likes, Assbook, the dark Facebook, and Cline once again complains about his nemesis (Bully) back in high school.


Ed Sheeran Makes All The Ladies Swoon-The Hotshot Whiz Kids podcast Pop Clips!


This time on the Pop Clips podcast the guys check in with Kimmy who is super excited about her fourth audition for The Voice. The guys also hear what HollieBelleAK is up to, which evidently not much. Later the guys listen to a few other annoying Vloggers before they listen to Biz Markie steal a hook from Freddie Scott and listen to the classic number one hit Wake Me Before You Go Go.


Dumb Parodies And Counting Blue Cars-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Pop Clips!


This time on the program the guys check in with everyone’s favorite Vlogger Kimmy, who updates us on her living situation and her continued misery. Later the guys listen to a series of newscasts that warn everyone about the evils of listening to heavy metal music. Plus the guys talk about the Lady Antebellum plagiarism controversy from a few years back and the fresh plagiarism controversy¬†¬†involving Amy Schumer . Plus the guys take a look back at the One-Hit wonders Dishwalla’s song Counting Blue Cars!