Who are The Hotshot Whiz kids?

The Hotshot Whiz Kids are Mike Cline Jr, and Mark Davila

How long has the show been on?

The first episode was made available July 29th 2010.

Where can I hear the Podcast?

The podcast is available on itunes, Stitcher, our website as well as on a number of podcast directories. You can also listen through your phone with any podcast app by putting in the RSS feed for the show. You can find the address for the feed here.

How often is it on?

New episodes are released every Weekday. Once it is released you can listen as much as your little heart desires.

What is the name of the song at the beginning of every show?

It is the Hotshot Whiz Kids Theme Song. You can hear it in it’s entirety, here

What do the guys talk about on the podcast?

Anything and everything. We give our views on life, talk about news, advice and lots of general nonsense.

Do you have guests on the show.

We do not have guests on the regular podcast. We feel having another person on the show would mess up the flow of the show and we like the way it sounds with just us, but we release the Third wheel Edition every few weeks where we have a guest call or sit in for a special show. 

What is Shut Up And Watch the Movie!

It is our Movie and sometimes television commentary podcast. We pick a show or movie from Netflix we haven’t seen or remember seeing and do a improvised commentary which you can play over the film while you stream it on Netflix. We try for bad movies and sometimes they are so bad we can’t even make them watchable. Check out the episodes here.

What is The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live?

It was an interactive live show on livestream.com The was broadcast in the fall of 2010. We might do some more live shows very soon. 

Where is the show recorded?

The Podcasts are recorded at Cline’s house in Buffalo, NY.

Can I come watch the shows be recorded?

Probably not, because we don’t like strangers. But if you are an attractive girl and bring pizza we may make an exception.

Are you paid for this?

Yes millions! Or not a thing. So far Cline has spent a couple hundred on equipment and website stuff and has not made any money back.

Can we send you money?

You sure can! We have a Paypal option where, if you like, you can donate to the show to help pay for equipment and web costs. If you enjoy the show the donation will make the show even better and maybe we can eat for a change as well.

Are there any shirts or other “merch” I can buy?

Yes shirts are available here:  http://www.cafepress.com/HotshotWhizKids

How can I help promote the show?

We are always looking for people to join our street team and help spread the word. Link us everywhere you can and often, tell your friends, lovers, family and sworn enemies about the show and plaster our stickers everywhere! If you help enough, free shirts and maybe a guest spot could be yours! If interested email us at