The 121st Annual Woman Draft-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 621


This time on the podcast the guys discuss a noodle party. mark starts the show off with an idea for a YouTube video and he mentions that his son’s youtube channel has more followers than the rarely used Whiz Kids site. Plus the guys talk about combined weight and penis sizes and fake southerners. Later the guys go into detail about some imaginary small town that races and then drafts single woman in the town. Late ron the guys also discuss ¬†YouTube commercials, hoping Melissa McCarthy dies, religious phone messages and more!


Sausage Party And Bad Moms Reviews-TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews
























This time on the show Cline reviews a Drive-In double feature he saw over the weekend. First he gives a positive review to Sausage Party and then he trashes the horrible Bad Moms.


Vloggers Delusions Of Grandeur-The Hotshot Whiz kids podcast Pop Clips!


This time on the show we once again visit some of our favorite and least favorite Vloggers, including one who like to tell us how important she is . Plus we listen to some audio of crazy YouTube guys picking fights with the police to prove some insane point and more!