TV Cynics: Head Of The Class

This week the guys head back to school and join a class of gifted students whose teacher is Johnny Fever. Head of the Class!

Birds Of A Feather- The Hotshot Whiz Kids Episode 746

This time on the show the guys discuss birdwatching and other fantastic hobbies to take up when you retire. The guys also discuss the weather and how to know when fruit is ripe.

This is Where You Come In- The Hotshot Whiz Kids Episode 745

In the latest episode of the podcast the guys talk about a number of gripes they have. Later they discuss how stupid people are. Finally Mark gives a quick tutorial on how to make a key lime pie with only three ingredients.

TV Cynics: Little House On The Prairie

This time on TV Cynics the guys take a nostalgic trip back to Walnut Grove where they visit with PA, MA, Half Pint and that Nellie.