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The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast. The show debuted in July of 2010 when two long time friends decided that the world needed to hear their conversations. After years of hilarious banter and arguments went virtually undocumented for the world to hear, technology finally allowed for the guys to release their own show. The idea for the podcast was first conceived back in 2007 when the guys still lived together. Three years later after they went their separate ways, as far as living arrangements were concerned, the guys started to record two shows per week. The first episode was incredibly unplanned and Mark was barely aware that Cline had hit the record button. Three years later the show is still going strong. In June 2012 the guys decided that two episodes a week just wasn’t enough for their fans and decided to release Minisodes on the other days of the week they didn’t have a full length show. The guys have Podcasting down to a science, with a chemistry that is unrivaled in the industry. The show has gained an international following since its debut, with fans as far away as England and Australia. In 2012 he guys also added some other shows to the Network, which are of course hosted, once again, by Mike Cline Jr. and Mark Davila. Shut Up And Watch The Movie! And Predictabilities add to an already full weekly lineup. The show can be heard Monday Through Friday via our RSS feed on any of the hundreds of Podcast apps, itunes and on our website. If you like the show please share it with your friends and support us with donations, buying a T-shirt, rating us on itunes or by clicking through our Amazon Link.


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