I’ve Got Nothing to Say To You!-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 662

On this all new episode Mark has an announcement to make which might impact the future of this very show! The guys also discuss not having anything to say, God’s wrath, breaking into your own house, pulling pranks on your comatose friends, voting for no one and more! Plus we listen to more Kimmy clips during Pop Clips and here the new awful Toby Keith song.



Kari From Mythbusters.








It’s part two of your double Whiz Kid feature, so hit up the snack shack and settle in for another classic episode. Classic as in a randomly chosen episode from several years back. This one is from October 14th 2012:

The Whiz Kids are not throwing in the towel, yet. This time they talk about Lassie, murder weapons, Kari from Mythbusters, Jessie’s best friend’s girl and more!



*Rebroadcast* Fast Food Workers Working From Home-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 150

The guys are off this week while the studio goes through some maintenance (don’t ask!). Don’t despair, though, we have not one, but two classic episodes of the show. First up we go all the way back to January 19th 2012. In this episode the guys discuss fast food workers working from home, beating up other guy’s wives, picking up chicks on Words With Friends, running out of girls to ask out and more!


Pretty Young Things And The Worst Dates Ever-The Hotshot Whiz kids Podcast Episode 661


This time on the show the guys talk about lists of things that they don’t want to do. Plus, the guys talk about Katy Perry’s weekend live stream.  Plus, misleading movie descriptions, Cline’s two worst dates, The Mummy,  Acne solutions, Kimmy and finding some P.Y.Ts.