(Rebroadcast) Kimmy’s Greatest Original Song – Pop Clips! (12/15/2015)








Today we hop in our time machine and go back to a Pop Clips episode from December 15th 2015.

This time on the podcast the guys listen to clips from all of their favorite vloggers, including Kimberly’s newest original song which might be a huge hit. Plus the guys listen to swearing hockey officials, racist recital audience members and a few songs of the season to get you in the mood for Christmas!


Calling Off From A Place You Don’t Work-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 704

Good morning! This time on the program, the guys discuss logical fallacies and political bullshit. Later the guys jump into Pop Clips and listen to more Kimmy Drama, plus a guy who calls in sick to a place he doesn’t even work with not so hilarious results!


I have Something For You-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast 703

This time on the show the guys discuss many topics, including memories of the time Mark left a girl after she had a stroke. Plus, Cline recounts the time faked a violent attack to to get him to leave her alone. Plus we hop on Scott the Burn my Goat guy’s time machine which is really just ten minutes of him naming shows that were on in the 70s, plus more!