Wheel of Spouses-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 668

This time on the show the guys discuss Cline’s continued domination of the death pool with the death of Jerry Lewis. Later Cline invents the Wheel of Spouses which could have many potential uses. Plus the guys visit Kimmy, listen tot he worst movie pitch ever and more!

2017 Death Pool Update: Cline 28 Mark 0

Mike Mark
Joe jackson (88) Hugh hefner (90)
Jerry Lewis (91) George Bush sr. (92)
Glenn Campbell (81) Barbara Bush (90)
Dick cheney (75) Bill Cosby (79)
Billy Joel (67) Charlie Sheen (51)
charlotte raeĀ (90) Donald Trump
Don Rickles (90) Lamar Odom (36)

Grabbing A Slice-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 666

This time on the show Mark has a hard time with the intro and is sick of people talking to him. Later the guys yell about the concept of heaven and decide having a webcam in a bar that people could watch online could be very popular. Plus, grabbing a slice, rock throwing punks, an episode of Wings, eating at Subway and more. Later during Pop Clips the guys listen to Kimmy talk about taking her job at BJ’s back and her ninth Youtube Anniversary. Later the guys listen to a song that was released in a world where being in your thirties is the end of life.


Girlfriends Against Porn-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 665

This time on the show the guys discuss taking weeks off, the first episode of the podcast and when it was released. Cline discussed his new business and paying taxes. Plus, Chester Bennington, girlfriends against porn and a bed bug filled edition of the craigslist Corral!


The Very First Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 7th Anniversary Part One


We are going way back today and listening in on the very first episode of the show way back on July 16th 2010. It was three years in the making, as the guys often talked about doing an internet radio show, but never had the means or the energy to pull it off. Finally in early July 2010 the guys decided t finally put on a show. They had no plans, no idea how or where they would post it nor did they have any microphones to record on. instead the guys just yelled onto the built in mic on Cline’s horrible Dell laptop. You will hear a big difference n audio quality as we once again take the tapes of the premier episode out of the vault.