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Never Walk Alone With Milk And Eggs- The Hotshot Whiz kids podcast Episode 713

In this episode the guys talk about how Mark is hiding from the man. Later the guys discuss their idea for a nude database and legal nudity. Later in pop clips the guys check in with Kimmy who is having a cancer scare and selling more junk. Plus, Italian Grandparents and more!


Frickin’ Time Travlin’ And Moving To Las Vegas

This time on the Frickin’ show the guys discuss being single and guys who hang around until girls fall into their league. later the guys discuss cool time travel movie ideas, which are nothig like Time Cop or Timeless. Later in Pop Clips Kimmy swears and complains about her life in a predictable fashion. Plus a little girl sings Ariana Grande and an new, new national anthem. USA! USA!


Jock Jams And Abe Lincoln In The Morning! The Hotshot Whiz kids Podcast Episode 710

This time on the show the guys finally get a chance to talk. They start off discussing dumb DJ names and getting your family to attend your comedy shows. Plus, civilian girls at the strip club, home work and more! Plus in Pop Clips the guys listen to a Scott the Goat Guy Impostor/raper, Kimmy and the songs of the week!