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Check out my new Beard!- The hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 335


This time on the show the guys discuss last week’s election and the annoying reaction to the results from both sides of the aisle. Plus the guys talk about growing a beard, President Obama impressions and Cline talks about how he no longer watches the Walking Dead. ┬áPlus, Pop Clips, Craigslist Corral and more!

Samurai Wear Flip Flops-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 633


This time on the show the guys talk about Halloween, going to Halloween parties and what costume Mark will trot out this year. Later during an exciting Ask Mark segment we learn that Mark would rather be dumb then smart. Plus a visit with Kimmy, Craigslist Corral and the song of the week!

Craigslist Corral: Cleveland

Yes, we’re back in Cleveland again for the Craigslist Corral. Where once again we read through the Craigslist personal ads in search of the weirdest, most desperate creeps we can find!

Craigslist Corral: Elmira New York


We’ve been to the big cities, so now let’s try some small towns. This week we head to central New York and the city of Elmira New York where the Craigslist is just as creepy and desperate as ever!

Craigslist Corral: Quad Cities


We are back with an all new trip to the Craigslist Corral where we travel to the Quad cities of Illinois and Iowa and take a look at some of the most interesting personal ads on Craigslist!