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Jock Jams And Abe Lincoln In The Morning! The Hotshot Whiz kids Podcast Episode 710

This time on the show the guys finally get a chance to talk. They start off discussing dumb DJ names and getting your family to attend your comedy shows. Plus, civilian girls at the strip club, home work and more! Plus in Pop Clips the guys listen to a Scott the Goat Guy Impostor/raper, Kimmy and the songs of the week!

An Objectively Bad Episode – The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 706

This time on the show the guys discuss snow and question why humans even live in cold climates . Cline then talks about his latest (disappointing  peanut butter adventure and rants about people who police what other people eat. The guys also dream of an A. I. government and listen to songs about Grandma. Plus more!


(Rebroadcast) Kimmy’s Greatest Original Song – Pop Clips! (12/15/2015)








Today we hop in our time machine and go back to a Pop Clips episode from December 15th 2015.

This time on the podcast the guys listen to clips from all of their favorite vloggers, including Kimberly’s newest original song which might be a huge hit. Plus the guys listen to swearing hockey officials, racist recital audience members and a few songs of the season to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Scared and Dumb-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 694

This time on the show the guys discuss talking to co-workers, barking dogs, being anti-social. Later the guys discuss business and personal references and using a burner phone to game the system. Plus they talk about dead wrestlers, drinking water, scared and dumb people and more!

Don’tate And angry, authoritative toll booth operators

This time on the show the guys discuss “Don’tating” which is the opposite of donating and a favorite activity of your humble hosts. The guys also complain about disease and being greedy with ones own organs. Plus angry, authoritative toll booth operators, and more. Plus GQ reviews, Kimmy Skypes with her fans, a period obsessed Youtuber and more!