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Pop Clips: Paris Hilton Good Time And Hangin’ With Coolio


This week on the Pop Clips podcast the guys listen to the new Paris Hilton song, which could be the worst song in the history of the world. They also listen to Suzanne Somers talk about her sex life, Coolio, or a homeless man claiming to be Coolio hanging out with some college kids and a hit single from the 80’s about soft drinks at Wendy’s that sounds suspiciously like a certain Paula Abdul song. Plus Mark’s favorite song from the eighties.

Suzanne Somers

Coolio Hanging out.

Wendy’s song

Pop Clips: Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball And Reiki Massage


This week on the Pop Clips edition of the podcast the guys listen and comment on some of the best finds across the World Wide Web. The guys start off by listening to some guy explain how Reiki Massage works. Later the guys listen to a Pink song Cline hates and the latest hit from Miley Cyrus. Then they finish off the podcast with some listener submitted clips.

Miley Video

Clips courtesy Of Our Friend Josh.

Pop Clips: Katy Perry Roar And Whitney Avalon Song

Not sure what they're saying but we love them.
Not sure what they’re saying but we love them.

In a brand new edition of the Minisodes the guys listen to a few clips from around the globe. The guys start off by listening to a Stroke PSA that is just silly before listening to a video of Cline’s favorite Japanese YouTubers. Later they listen to the new hit single Roar by Katy Perry and finish up the clip podcast with a hilarious new song from Actress and singer Whitney Avalon.