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Predictibilities: The Future Of Consciousness And Our Minds Beyond Death

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It is a new season of Predictibilities: A Futurist Podcast, and to start off the new year of shows the guys stick with a common theme they talked about in the last episode of the show. Last time the guys discussed the possibility of uploading our minds to a computer so that humanity will forever have access to our thoughts and experiences. This week though, They take a more philosophical approach and speculate about the exact nature of consciousness and what exactly it means and what we can do scientifically to ensure that our consciousness goes on after our physical body dies. They wonder if it is possible to transfer our consciousness to computers, other brains and objects in the universe itself. The guys also speculate on brain death and what a person experiences shortly after outside observers declare our body and minds to be dead. They also talk about future brain studies that will allow us to peer into the minds of our pets and other animals to know exactly what they are thinking and experiencing, giving us a better understanding of non-human creatures true intelligence.