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The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Problem Solvers: Low Wages


This time on the Problem Solvers edition of the podcast the guys try to tackle the historically low wages people are facing in the United States and for the first time in this series the guys can’t come up with a good answer.

The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Problem Solvers: NFL Domestic Violence Problem


On this podcast we have the return of the ever popular Problem Solvers segment. Where we take a problem and solve it in around ten minutes. This week the guys tackle the NFL Domestic Violence Problem and come up with a solution that is almost guaranteed to work.

Problem Solvers: Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of the year that every man in America dreads, Valentine’s day. The pressure is on for guys to live up to high expectations and totally blow their wives and girlfriends away with a shower of gifts and love. In return the guys get a lighter wallet and increased blood pressure. If you are still trying to get your plans in order and have no idea what you will do for your lover this year, look no further because the Whiz Kids have all the answers. The guys will tell you what plans to make and how to pull off the perfect evening and become the man of anyone’s dreams!

Problem Solvers: Sports Concussions


Recent media reports and lawsuits from former players have put a spotlight on Sports Concussions like never before. Are the sports we love destroying the futures of the people who play the game. Football as well as some of the other major sports are now trying to find ways to prevent or just cut down on these horrific injuries that most scientists agree have lasting effects on the health and well being of the players. The hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast attempts to solve this problem.

How To Lose Your Virginity-Minisode 218


On this hybrid Problem Solver/Life Lesson edition of the podcast the guys decide to tackle the problem of virginity. While it might not seem like the biggest problem in the world, it is much on the forefront in the minds of people who suffer from this unfortunate affliction.