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Has Been Or Never Was?-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 474


Mark has yet another useless business idea that he will never see through. Later the guys talk about urine drip and ways to solve that problem, knife throwers, doctors, stealing Mark’s ideas and we finally answer the question to whether it is better to be a has been or a never was.


Celebrities We Wish Had Died In 2014-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast


We lost lots of really good people in the past year. Robin Williams, Joe Cocker, Eric The Actor amongst others, but unfortunately many of the most annoying celebrities of our time are still walking the earth. Here is the shortlist of the celebrities we wished would have kicked the bucket in 2014.


Pop Clips!: We Never Splish Without the Splash


In this episode the guys listen to Twins play the Ozzy classic Crazy Train on their harps, but Cline and Mark are not really impressed. They also listen to a classic 1993 song few have ever heard that featured both Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson. Plus the guys listen to a short motivational speech by Gary Busey, another boring ass collective haul from a young blogger, how to have cybersex and we Splish Splash in our tub!