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John Tesh’s Radio Show Sucks-Episode 322

Life Lessons from Tesh.
Life Lessons from Tesh.


The podcast starts off with Cline not interrupting Mark’s rant about how he hates John Tesh and his horrible radio show.  Later the guys wonder how long the local news can last with most people not watching anymore. Eventually all of their viewers will be dead. Plus recycling, bad television, door to door salesmen at home and more!

NBA Theme Written By John Tesh


Losers With Too Many Friends-Episode 313

Bunch Of Losers!
Bunch Of Losers!

In the first podcast of the week the guys talk about people who always need to be out with other people and the guys discuss how there is something wrong with you if that is the way you live your life. Cline tells some more tales of rejection and shares a theory on how really big guys are not tall that tough. Plus the guys talk about getting hit on, Gilbert Gottfried, live Podcasts and more!

Too Afraid To Gamble And Losing Important Documents-Episode 309

Too Afraid To Gamble.
Too Afraid To Gamble.

To start off the podcast Mark claims that he is on some kind of roll. He never got around to saying what he was rolling on . One thing he wasn’t doing, because he is too scared to gamble, is playing games at the the casino.  Later the guys talk about passing the bar exam and proper hand positions while driving. Cline then tells the story of his awful weekend and a tale about losing an important document. The guys talk about identity theft and wonder how easy it would actually back and a trip to the DMV. After that the guys talk about all the filth that is in our food everyday and come up with a new restaurant idea. Plus the guys discuss a loose bull that killed a lady and a hostage situation at Wal-Mart that Mark claims he wasn’t a witness to.

Talking Dogs And Craigslist Is For Losers-Episode 294

Mark cited Benji as an example of a talking dog, even though that wasn't the case.
Mark cited Benji as an example of a talking dog, even though that wasn’t the case.

In this fabulous episode the guys talk about Craigslist again. Mark mentions how you are a complete loser if you are using Craigslist. Plus they talk about the Americas, taking your shoes off, talking dogs and the firs couple Superman movies.

210K Lunch With Apple CEO

I better be full after this lunch!


***For reasons beyond Our Control This Episode contains some audio glitches throughout.***

The guys start off with a plea to their fellow man to stop letting delusional people think they are better at things than they really are. Later the guys talk about how they overuse the word “listen”.  Later they talk about a recent auction that was held for the privilege of having lunch with the CEO of Apple. Plus the differences between men and woman, getting caught cheating and more!