Lena Dunham Still Sucks And Cool Ranch Doritos-Episode 358

In this perfectly disruptive episode of the podcast Cline blows into a deer call, much to mark’s chagrin. Mark claims he knows about lawn equipment, but Cline challenges that claim. The guys talk about rejection from potential employers and Cline talks about a study about how article comments can change your opinion of the article.lena Later the guys once again complain about Lena Dunham, which at this point will almost be a weekly or even daily segment while her show is on the air. This time she was angered by a reporters question. Plus the guys talk about DoritosDORITOS_COOL_RANCH_ and which flavor is best. Predictably Mark cannot come up with a preference. They also talk about weighing their cocks, sex with every girl on the planet, the Bunny Ranch, Fake Mr. T and an ask Mark Segment.