Skeeter Davis Vs. Donna Fargo A Contrast Of Emotions


In a contrast of emotions Skeeter Davis and Donna Fargo record two songs that have almost the exact opposite sentiment.

Skeeter Davis- End Of The World

For poor Skeeter the world has ended. Her lover has left her and she is left to wonder how the world can go on when her life is seemingly over as she knows it. In the song she talks about waking up in the morning , still in pain, not understanding how she can be in so much pain and the rest of the world seems to go on without a care for her plight. “The End of the World” was written by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee and released as a single by Skeeter in 1962. It would peak at #2 on the US Hot 100 and #2 on the hot Country singles chart making it a certified crossover hit. Skeeter Davis whose real name was Mary Penick died in 204 at the age of 72.

Donna Fargo- The Happiest Girl In The USA

On the other hand Donna Fargo wakes up in the morning with a completely different tune. In this song the singer is ecstatic that she gets to wake up with the greatest man in the world. Each morning she wakes up with the sun shining and a smile on her face because of the man that is all hers. Ten years after Skeeter sang about her world collapsing around her as she lost the love of her life, Donna seemingly rubs it in by bragging about how all her dreams came true and she found a man that she will love forever and each day is better than the last while he is by her side. Happiest Girl was written and recorded by Donna Fargo who probably listened to Skeeter and laughed at her great misfortune while she put her loving arms around the strong, handsome man who hadn’t left her and made her claim that she is the happiest girl in the whole USA. Although, this fact has not been proven to be true and it is up to debate whether or not there are other woman or girls just as or more happy than she is. It is also unclear if the character in the song remains this happy 41 years later. I imagine there were at least a few rough patches since then. Happiest Girl was released in 1972 and was a Number one country single and peaked at #11 on the hot 100 chart. At least Skeeter has the better charting record to cry on. Donna is still alive and well  and performing to this day. the song was featured in a Nike commercial congratulating the 2008 Olympic softball team, who had earned a silver medal in that year’s games. It was also covered by Lana Del Ray.