“Sofa” Potatoes And Puerto Rican Strip Club Laws-Episode 337


In this podcast the guys wonder about the origin of the term couch potato. The guys agree that living a life being lazy and possibly fat is not all that bad, even if it happens to be pretty short lived. After that Mark begins to reminisce about a time a lady threw her phone number at the guys and Mark was nearly molested by that same lady.  The guys explain that most people think Cline is sad and Mark is angry no matter what their mood actually is. Later on the guys complain about hunting and Mark is angry that you’re not allowed to kill feral dogs and cats. Cline goes on to explain hunting laws to Mark before they both agree that hunting is pretty silly. Cline then continues his quest to convince Mark that he is well read by telling him about the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 in 1979 that he read about when reading about all of the events of that year on Wikipedia. Plus the guys talk about Puerto Rican strip club laws and outdated pop culture references that older people insist on still using.