The Coma Diet And Dog Sleds-Episode 359





This time on the podcast the guys talk about Mark’s newest service that he is offering to the public. Plus, Cline talks about his new workout regimen, which includes running and hitting his heavy bag. Cline hopes this will lead to him going on a ass kicking tour and Mark talks about how he loves the bully revenge videos on YouTube. Cline then talks about how he has had his house to himself the past few days and how he is pretty sure this means he is going to die and his rotting corpse won’t be found for days. The guys also talking about showering together and how that leads to one being wet and cold on the other side of the tub, waiting for their turn under the water. Cline mentions HIS new invention which is an app that will tell you what the statistical chance of your death is depending on your current activity. The guys talk about DirecTV getting rid of the Weather Channel and how useless that channel is. Plus, wedding rings, sounds of the morning, Abraham Lincoln was dumb and Google results.