The Giant Woman On 3rd Rock From The Sun-Episode 384

Ikristenjohnstonn this exciting episode the guys are drinking their own urine for money and wonder if they would take a drink from somebody else for cash. Later they talk about people believing crazy things like a geocentric world view, Holocaust deniers, 3rd Rock From the Sun and the giant woman who starred int hat show. Plus they talk about the recent knife attack and wonder if they would be a hero and tackle the kid if they were there. Later Cline talks about his favorite thing, ever, Time travel and comes up with his own shitty network Sci-Fi movie that would be cancelled after the first season. Cline also talks about his French pen pal, who he always assumed was hot, although he never saw her in what was a pre-internet age. Plus the guys debate whether or not a person’s porn viewing habits reflect their taste in woman.