The Official 2016 Hotshot Whiz Kids Death Pool!-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 562


This time on the podcast the show takes a morbid turn as the guys predictably put together their own death pool, where they guess which celebrities will kick the bucket this calendar year. Plus the guys talk about the Alien, playing team sports, one pound of Reese’s peanut butter cups,  paying bills late and more!

Update: 6/4/2016: Mark takes a huge lead with the death of Muhammad Ali, which gets him a quick 26 points and puts him on top overall 32-4 (points are based on person’s age -100)

2016 Official death Pool picks:

Cline Mark
Billy Graham Betty White
Jimmy Carter George Bush
Francis Ford Coppola Nancy Reagan 


Suge knight Bob Barker
Bill Cosby Hugh Hefner
Don Rickles Muhammad Ali


Alan Young


Courtney Love

Cline: 4 Points     Mark: 32 points

(As of 6/4/2016)