These People Really, Really Hate Dogs




While mindlessly browsing the internet recently I came across the fact that there is a whole community of people who devote a good majority of their time to hating dogs and complaining about them on the web. Some of the sites are a bit tongue and cheek and for fun while others are venom filled diatribes towards individual breeds or types of dogs. All together you have a large community of nearly clinically insane people with not enough things to do in their lives.


Dog Haters Unite, is a especially angry blog that reports various media reports on dog attacks, both dog to human and human to dog. The writer especially likes to take glee when dogs, especially pit bulls, get killed by other animals or in one case a FedEX driver. He reports the stories with a mix of outrage and pure unadulterated venom towards dogs and their owners. Calling pit bull owners Pidiots, a little name he uses a lot and thinks it is especially witty and hilarious. At one point the writer applauds a swarm of Africanized  honey bees who reportedly attacked and killed a couple of dogs in Florida, stating that the dogs were probably attacked because the bees were annoyed by the dogs barking. The writer really hates the sound of dogs barking. Visitors to the site can register and make their own ridiculously hate-filled comments on each entry, unless you are a dog lover then you are not allowed on the site. He makes sure to delete and and all comments that are pro dog. doglovetrolls

Why I Hate Dogs is another site that contains more of the same as above. Lots of hilarious commentary about how horrible dogs are and lots of reporting of dog attacks. This site does allow dog defenders to comment on some of the posts, but those people are quickly attacked by the other posters in the thread. I’m sure it is a fun place to spend an afternoon if you love to argue with morons.This guy has a special wish for dogs of all varieties:




dogsbite is probably the most angry of them all. The sites founder, Colleen Lynn, was attacked by a dog back in 2007 and a few months later she started her campaign against dogs, specifically Pit Bull type dogs which is a generic term for a half dozen or more related breeds. Her claim is that these types are dogs are inherently dangerous and the whole population of these dogs poses a significant public health threat that must be stopped. She posts various sources of reports on attacks around the country, that mostly come from unsubstantiated media reports. She posts lots of statistics and tries her hardest to make her site look like a legitimate public education website. Unfortunately the site is horribly biased to one side of the argument, which for me is always a red flag, because extreme views on any topic one way or another means that you will never fairly report or have opinions on a given subject. Anyone who opposes her or her small army of supporters are deemed insane and called names similar to what the earlier bloggers called people. Her statistics are questionable and even CDC has stated that it is difficult at best to identify breeds of mixed backgrounds and that legislation by breed is not helpful to public safety. The fact is even with DNA analysis, it is quite difficult to know a dog of questionable pedigree’s background. The fact is that some dogs are dangerous and some are not and it has little to do with their specific breed and more to do with he size and individual personality of the dog. If these breeds were as dangerous as people on these sites claim, I would think there would be far more fatal attacks than the 20 or so that are reported every year in the United States. With an estimated 83 million dogs in this country, statistically speaking, the chances of a person dying from a dog attack is pretty slim. In fact the chances of dying by a dog attack is about 1 in 144,000 or a little less than getting hit by lightning or a legal execution and almost ten times less than your chances of dying in a plane crash. Fear mongering is a very poor way to get your message across and this site is really good at fear mongering.

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I guess that’s the beauty of the internet, lots of people with extreme, stupid or weird opinions can get together and start a small army of like-minded individuals. Even half the population owning and a lot more liking dogs there is still a group of people who would like you to think your lifestyle and pet is not right. If you like dogs and want to be angry I invite you to read through some of these sites. It is sometimes interesting to see what people on the extreme side of a point of view are up to and try to avoid these people at all costs.