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Prostate Problems And Overpriced Prostitutes – Episode 291

Just having the internet makes you almost as smart as your doctor!


The show starts off with Cline talking about his recent health problems and the initial diagnosis by his doctor that he may have some prostate problems. Plus Mark complains about over priced prostitutes on Craigslist that he claims he is not buying services from. Plus Web MD, painful ejaculations and more!

Problem Solvers: Divorce

We solve the problem of high divorce rates in around 10 minutes.
We solve the problem of high divorce rates in around 10 minutes.

This week the guys take on a problem they have no experience with whatsoever, but that hasn’t stopped them before. This week the guys solve the problem of a high divorce rate.

Perception Vs. Reality Mid Show Drinking And Liars-Episode 290

So very sad.
So very sad.

The show starts off with the guys discussing the difference between expectations and reality. Later talks about how some scientists think the brain is unable to recognize our future selves. Later the guys argue over mid show drinking and mouth noises. Mark talks about how he is smarter than everyone even though he has studied nothing Plus, asteroids, Adam naming animals,liars, lost girl opportunity, sad cities and more!

Star Trek Gremlins And Discount Porn -Minisode 152


In this episode the guys give their review of Star Trek: Into The Darkness. Plus the guys talk about the upcpming Gremlins reboot, unnecessary reboots, discount porn and more!

Insanity Pleas Future Netflix and Dream Movies-Minisode 151

Acting crazy doesn't mean you are crazy.
Acting crazy doesn’t mean you are crazy.

The guys start off the show by talking about the Colorado Theatre shooting suspect pleading insanity. The guys debate the sanity of all criminals. Plus the guys talk about future Netflix, dream movies and Google Glass.