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Dead People’s Facebook Pages And Peeping On Girlfriends-Episode 289

It's okay to peep on your own girlfriend, right?
It’s okay to peep on your own girlfriend, right?

The show starts off with Mark introducing his new game show idea, which happens to be called Fuck Factory. Later the guys wonder if insest is actually illegal. Plus peeping on girlfriends, people refusing to say no, strip club DJ jobs, posting on dead people’s Facebook pages.

The Hot Wendy’s Girl And Escaped Mental Patients-Episode 288

Eat At Wendy's
Eat At Wendy’s

The show starts off with Mark telling a tale of how he saw an escaped mental patient. later the guys complain about charities and wonder why they can’t be their own charity. Plus company Twitter pages, the Wendy’s girl, and Mark talks about his half human, half dog army again.

Our Brains Hate Us And Game Of Thrones Is Slow- Minisode 149


The guys start off by talking about how our brains are sometimes not on our side. In entertainment news the guys discuss the proposed John McCain legislation that will allow us to pick which channels we get on cable and dish. Plus they talk about Game Of Thrones, Iron Man 3 and more!

Sylvia Browne Was Wrong Again And Internet Sales Tax- Minisode 148

Wrong again.


The guys talk about the latest thing fake psychic Sylvia Browne was wrong about and talk about some of her past predictions and readings. Plus the guys talk about past lives and the proposed legislation that will allow states to collect sales tax on internet purchases.