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Slide Whistles And Penis Puppets-Episode 397


In this exciting episode Cline debuts his incredibly underwhelming slide whistle. later the guys try to come up with some catch slogans for a bunch of different products. Later the guys talk about gross people and they decide that once you get to a certain age you almost can’t avoid being gross.  Plus the guys talk about puppetry of the penis and argue about the age old question of nature versus nurture. This leads to some complaining about current events and reactions to these stories online. Plus, extra chromosomes, difficult choices and the end of the podcast.


A Girl Named Spring-Episode 390


The show starts off with the guys discussing hairiness and Cline longs for the days when girls loved hairy chests. Later, Cline asks Mark is he would work at a porn store and whether or not he would except a blow job in a cuckold type situation. The guys also wonder who the fuck Miranda Sings is and how she gained so many followers for a character that is not really funny at all, in their opinion. The guys also wonder why people don’t name their daughters Spring. Plus Cline watches Fox and Friends, nobody knows you’re dead,  funerals, crazy eyes and more!


Hating White Trash And What Happens When You’re Dead-Episode 362


If Mark Dies, will the show go on?
What happens when we die?

Mark Is fed up with the people that live around him and would like to put an end to having to come in contact with people he feels are beneath him. Later on the podcast, the guys talk about what happens when you die and they predict it is a whole lot of nothing when you’re dead. The guys also talk about the new Robocop movie and Mark challenges Cline to do some pushups, but Cline declines the invitation for reasons he didn’t explain. Plus smoking doctors and Cline asks Mark if he’s rather go without food or sex the rest of his life.


Ask Mark: Would You Trade Sex For A Longer life?


In this very special Ask Mark edition of the podcast Cline asks Mark if he would be okay without sex if he was stronger, faster, smarter and can live longer. Mark thinks the whole scenario is ridiculous, but shares with us whether he would do it or not, anyway. Plus the guys predict when they are going to die and more!


Would You Date A Cam Girl?-Episode 348


Mark starts the podcast off with an angry rant about donuts and breakfast sandwiches. The guys also talk about buying donuts for the office and rookie hazing in the NFL. Cline also gives some of his self defense tips which include punching with the palm of your hands and kicking attacker in the nuts. Mark says that he can take a nutshot and not be hurt at all. This starts a heated argument about their respective punching abilities and the fact that Mark can’t throw a ball which Cline says means that Mark can’t throw a hard punch either. Later the guys talk about dreams of being athletic, although Mark claims he has no such dreams. Plus a segment of Ask Mark where Cline asks is Mark would have a serious relationship with a girl who was a Cam Girl.