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The Very First Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 7th Anniversary Part One


We are going way back today and listening in on the very first episode of the show way back on July 16th 2010. It was three years in the making, as the guys often talked about doing an internet radio show, but never had the means or the energy to pull it off. Finally in early July 2010 the guys decided t finally put on a show. They had no plans, no idea how or where they would post it nor did they have any microphones to record on. instead the guys just yelled onto the built in mic on Cline’s horrible Dell laptop. You will hear a big difference n audio quality as we once again take the tapes of the premier episode out of the vault.


Kari From Mythbusters.








It’s part two of your double Whiz Kid feature, so hit up the snack shack and settle in for another classic episode. Classic as in a randomly chosen episode from several years back. This one is from October 14th 2012:

The Whiz Kids are not throwing in the towel, yet. This time they talk about Lassie, murder weapons, Kari from Mythbusters, Jessie’s best friend’s girl and more!


*Rebroadcast* Fast Food Workers Working From Home-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 150

The guys are off this week while the studio goes through some maintenance (don’t ask!). Don’t despair, though, we have not one, but two classic episodes of the show. First up we go all the way back to January 19th 2012. In this episode the guys discuss fast food workers working from home, beating up other guy’s wives, picking up chicks on Words With Friends, running out of girls to ask out and more!

*Rebroadcast* Movie Costumes Look Like Shit In Person-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 525

We have been struck by yet more technical problems. Unfortunately the episode we recorded for today has vanished forever. So instead here is the episode form this time last year.


This time on the program the guy talk about how Mark only sees attractive woman and he doesn’t even notice other girls. Later the guys talk about how movie costumes look like shit in person. Plus the guys talk about arranged marriages, giving people a ride and more!

*Rebroadcast* Craigslist Corral: Strictly Platonic-Biloxi MS

(This episode was originally released November 15, 2013)

On a new segment of the podcast we head into the world of Craigslist and visit some cities around the nation to see what the losers are up to this week. We delve into the Strictly Platonic section and read some ads from a wide variety of woman who are looking for that special someone they claim they have no intentions of dating or sleeping with.