Hidden Heroes And The Inspectors: What Has Saturday Morning Television Become?-TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews









It’s that time of the week again where the guys take a hard, cynical look at the world of television and movies that are in theatres on your TV and streaming on all of your devices. This wee the guys talk about the walking Dead, 11.22.63 and more. Plus the guys review a couple horrible television shows that evidently are on every Saturday morning.  First they talk about the Inspectors, a hard-hitting police procedural that takes place in the world of the United States Postal Service. We finally can get to the bottom of which punk has been stealing your mail. Plus they talk about a show called Hidden Heroes that attempts to put a spotlight on the world of do-gooders and good Samaritans who are sticking their nose in other people’s business for the better of everyone. Plus Pee-Herman is back!