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I Bet You Think This Podcast Is About You-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Episode 643


This time on the show the guys talk about the inauguration of Donald Trump. Later the guys discuss Timeless and the campaign to save the show. Cline also talks about Travelers and the gross parts of being in someone else’s body. ┬áLater the guys fire up Pop Clips and check in on Kimmy who is up to the same fight against all of the haters and bullies. Plus we find out what burns a goat this week and we have clouds in our coffee as we think a song is about us.

Timeless Frequency And Other Terrible Things-TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews


This time on the show the guys review a few of the new shows that have started up this fall. Including the dreadful Timeless, Frequency and Cline goes solo on his review of Westworld. Plus more!

Reviewing Timeless Before We See It-TV Movie Cynics Netflix Reviews


This time on the show the guys talk television, including about the new time travel show that the guys decide t give a negative review, even though they haven’t actually seen it yet. They also talk about how horrible MacGyver looks and point out that the original was pretty bad too.

Down With DirecTV-TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast


This time on the show the guys talked about cancelling DirecTV and offer some tips on how to get the best deals when it comes to cable and Dish. Cline also talks about his new TV. Plus the guys talk about Adam Ruins Everything and Mark decides he like Supergirl now.

Fundamentals Of Caring Review- TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews


This time on the program the guys talk about the high cost of cutting the cable cord with the variety of options all making different stuff available to viewers. Cline reviews the Netflix movie The Fundamentals Of Caring, starring Paul Rudd, playing a very Paul Rudd-like character and Selena Gomez. Mark declares he will never watch the movie and says he is not into Paul Rudd.