Pop Clips!: Animal Heavy Metal And A Lunatic Yelling At A Door


This time on the Pop Clips edition of the podcast the guys listen to some animal metal and come up with some other animals that would make really great lead singers. Later they listen to a guy that could be the dumbest person to ever appear on an episode of Judge Judy and that is saying a lot. The guys also listen to a so-called mountain man defend himself in court after he was arrested for fishing illegally, when all he was trying to do was eat. Later they hear from a girl that has a lengthy discussion about relationships with no one. Just another victim of hot girl syndrome. Finally we listen to a lunatic yell at a door in Toronto because they have seemingly closed the mall early and he wants to do a bit of shopping. In the song of the week we listen to a blind man sing about how there is a stranger in his house that he can’t see.