Pop Clips: Blind Girl Sing Miley And Coca-Cola Keeps You Thin


This week on the pop clips edition of the podcast the guys listen to some young ladies cover some tunes and the hit song by Lorde. First up a young blind girl does a fantastic version of the Miley Cyrus song, Wrecking Ball. Latter we hear from a young lady who decided to do a acoustic version of Thriller, just in time for Halloween. Then Cline plays his favorite country western duet. Plus the guys listen to a very disturbed woman go over the events of her exciting birthday night as well as a very special goat and some weight loss tips from the 1960s!
Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus (sang by a blind girl from the Philippines)

Thriller – Michael Jackson (Acoustic Cover)-Bailey Pelkman

My Rapture 12 hours (Crazy Lady)

Coke keeps you thin! (1961 Coke commercial)

Sheep could use a throat lozenge.

If You See Him, If You See Her -Reba McEntire