Pop Clips!: Stuck On The Toilet For Two Years

In this super extended edition of the Pop Clips podcast the guys listen and comment on some more fascinating clips. First the guys listen to a girl cry about the Miley concert being cancelled and by girl we mean a 30 year old woman. Later the guys watch a video from Vine “Celebrity” Princess Lauren, who has millions of followers on Vine and thinks she is super famous and important.  Plus the guys listen to the Rock N’ Roll Prophetess, which sparks a Mark rant about how she made up the word Prophetess, but unfortunately he is wrong, it is a word. The guys also play a great clip of the newest singing sensation Cathymay15, who gives us a breathtaking rendition of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Plus a woman is stuck to a toilet for two years, a crazy lady and her Tupperware on Judge Judy and more!