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New Weekly Podcast Schedule!

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As we head into Spring and summer we are once again changing our show lineup slightly. Starting this week here is the lineup on our podcast network.

Monday: Fullsode
Tuesday: Minisode (Hot Topics)
Wednesday: Minisode (Entertainment News)
Thursday: Fullsode
Friday: Problem Solvers
Saturday: Shut Up And Watch The Movie! (First Saturday Of The Month)
Sunday: Predictibilities

Specials to Be released periodically:
Music Reviews
Third Wheel Edition (Interview Show)



French Pen Pals And Woman From Around The World- Episode 283

Mark will have one of each.
Mark will have one of each.

This time the guys start off by talking about Mark’s wish to sample girls from all over the world. Cline asks Mark about why his neighborhood seems to have a lot of young mothers. Cline then talks about how it was probably easier to be poor back in the 1800s. Plus the guys wonder what country has the most attractive people Cline talks about a French pen pal he had when he was a younger and the guys worry about a missing fan.


Oscar The Grouch and The Least Germ Filled Part of The Body- Episode 282

Who is this guy?
Who is this guy?

The show starts off with a few mark updates that you may or may no have been eagerly anticipating. Later Cline wonders about Oscar the Grouch’s handler and how they met. The guys once again wonder about whether Big Bird is a guy or a girl and Mark tells a story about his friend asking a person if they were a boy or a girl. Plus the the guys debate what is the most germ filled and least germ filled place on the human body and the recent Ryan Seacrest breakup.