Be Your Own Hero And Quantum Leap Ass Kicking- Episode 271

Let's go back in time and beat up our bullies!
Let’s go back in time and beat up our bullies!talks about how he is his favorite person on earth and 

The guys start the show off by reminiscing about the early days of the podcast. After that the guys talk about the different levels of dirty when it comes to a person’s clothes and Cline tells a tale about how a bully once threw him in a mud pit. The guys then fantasize about going back in time and kicking the guys ass.  Later the guys talk about Mark’s new friend making site, where lots of losers can find other losers to do stuff together.  Plus Cline talks about how he is his own hero and no one in the world has the same tastes and opinions as him, which is why he feels he is the perfect human. Cline also talks about the recent and ongoing aquatic deaths and how bad of an aquarium hobbyist he is. Plus a lively debate about the future of automated cars.