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Obama Is The Antichrist And Mark Is A Water Snob-Minisode 133

In this episode the guys discuss a recent poll that found that 1 in 4 Americans believed that President Obama is the Antichrist.  Later Cline yells at Mark about his taste in water and the fact that he refuses to drink from the water cooler at his work. Plus the guys question the Sunday Comics, especially Doonsbury. Plus the guys end the show by talking about how Mark is less than human.

Only the best water will pass through Mark's lips.
Only the best water will pass through Mark’s lips.

Making Eye Contact And Selling Stuff On Ebay- Episode 277

They guys start the show off  by talking about eye contact and not knowing how to relate to other humans. Later Mark talks about how the Nielsen people want him bad and are trying to get him to put a rating box in his house. After that Cline talks about some lame prank he would like to pull on some strangers and how it is hard to sell stuff on Ebay if you have never sold anything on Ebay before. Then the guys take a nostalgic look back of all of the cars Cline has had over the years. Plus drag shows, myths and more!

A place to sell your worthless stuff for lots of money.
A place to sell your worthless stuff for lots of money.


Problem Solvers: Marriage Equality

Solving The World’s Problems.

The world has many problems and disagreements but don’t despair, because the Hotshot Whiz Kids are here to solve them. This week’s problem:

Some people who are gay would like to get married, but other people, mainly the religious and ignorant, don’t want that to happen. In this episode we have all of the answers, like only a couple of know-it-alls could.

Best Buy Security Greeting Cards-Episode 276

In this episode the guys talk about phone interruptions and girls in local bands. Later the guys talk about greeting cards and how they are a waste of money.  Plus they talk about Best Buy and the guys at the door who check out your receipt.  Plus mission statements, 401 K and Cline tells a story about how he got a co-worker fired after the guy attacked him. bestbuy

Ryan Gosling’s Acting Hiatus And The End Of Hot Librarians-Minisode131


The guys spend a few moments remembering the life and career of Ryan Gosling as we live life without seeing him in films during his hiatus from acting (to direct). Cline comes up with yet another business idea. This one involves Facebook and relationship statuses. Cline then tells a story about how Mark gave Cline some bad intel a few years back  that led to an embarrassing moment for Cline.  Later the guys talk about how much money they would have if they didn’t spend their pay on bills, food and other pointless things like that. Cline thinks it might be a good idea to just live at home so you can save money. Plus the guys mourn the pending death of the hot librarian as all the libraries close.