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Having A Crush On Candace Cameron-Episode 374


In this episode of the podcast the guys start the show off with a bit of sadness, when Cline talks about looking at pictures of his younger self. Later Cline talks about his grade school crush on Candace Cameron, which annoyed some of his classmates. Cline then has a bit of Haircut news and talks about hating the place he goes to for his haircuts. Plus the guys talk about Law And Order, Robert De Nero, Duck Dynasty and creeping out girlfriends for fun.



Current Candace Cameron.
Current Candace Cameron.

Haircut News And Romantic Comedies-Episode 349


Mark starts the podcast off by cracking himself up over a sketch idea he came up with. After that Cline has some exciting haircut news. Later, Cline dreams of a one-way trip to space. Cline also talks about how he didn’t know or talk to any girls through most of his teen years. Mark has a similar history as well. Plus the guys talk about an anti-romantic comedy and weddings.

Soup Salad or Neither-Episode 321

The Podcast starts off with Cline trying to be a little more friendly and then he goes into some haircut news. Later Mark tells a story about a drunk he had to deal with at the gas station and a brave employee who stood up to him. Plus the guys talk about Chloƫ Grace Moret, messy eaters, soup, salad or neither and Cline deciedes buying lunch for yourself is for losers.

How About none of the above?
How About none of the above?


The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Minisode 90

The show starts off with a blooper we decided to keep in the show when Cline’s dog and official show mascot knocks over Mark’s microphone. After that Cline talks about how he always dreamed of joining the Coast Guard when times were tough in his life and Mark once again mentions how he can’t swim. Plus a little Haircut News!

Zooey the show mascot and official show ruiner.
Zooey, the show mascot and official show ruiner.