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Love And The Walking Dead-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews


This week on the show the reviews come fast and furious as Cline reviews the new Judd Apatow¬† Netflix original Love, starring Paul Rust and Community’s Gillian Jacobs. Not surprisingly Mark refuses to watch it along with pretty much everything Cline mentions. Plus the guys discuss the season premier of The Walking Dead and the new season of Better Call Saul, plus more!

Second Chance Won’t Get A Second Chance-TV Movie Cynics Netflix Hulu Reviews


This time on the show Cline reviews a couple things Mark already reviewed and gives a thumbs way down to Second Chance, which is a show on Fox that is about to be cancelled despite Mark thinking it is a good show. Cline also talks about Project Almanac and the flaw a lot of time travel movies have. The guys also attempt to rank the hottest people in Hollywood, but for some reason have a hard time with it. Cline also reviews the show Difficult People that can be seen on Hulu.

Rest In Peace Schneider From One Day At A Time-the Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Reviews










This time on the show Cline talks about the death of his hero Schneider, from One Day At A Time. Makin later reviews a few things he watched this week and the guys talk about the announced Deadwood movie.

Star Wars And Serendipity- TV/Movie Cynics Netflix reviews


This week on the show Mark finally gets to give his review of the new Star wars movie, which Cline makes perfectly clear he doesn’t care about. later the guys discuss some classic movies that are now on Netflix like Can’t Buy Me Love and a detailed review of the film Serendipity.

Ridiculous 6 Review-The Hotshot Whiz kids Podcast TV/Movie Cynics Netflix Reviews


This time the guys discuss TV and movies once again. Cline wraps up the second seasons of Fargo and The Leftover and Mark reviews the Adam Sandler Netflix movie The Ridiculous 6.