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Pardon Mark Wahlberg-Weekly World News-The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast


This time on the podcast we talk about some important news stories from around the globe with our new Newswoman, Mary Walsh.

Be A Part Of The 4th Anniversary Show! (Or Don’t)


Later this week we will be releasing our 400th full length episode and next month will mark the 4th anniversary of the release of the first episode. We understand that this isn’t really much of an accomplishment, aside from the fact that we are not quitters, even though this show has not made us any money and we are thousands of dollars from breaking even at this point. Anyhow, to Mark this uneventful occasion we are encouraging all of our listeners to leave messages on our hotline or Skype wishing us a happy anniversary or if you prefer you can call and insult us about how ugly we are and how we are a just a couple of arrogant know-it-alls. That’s your choice. Just leave a message on our Hotline: 716-220-8586 or Skype us at hotshotwhizkids and you can be a part of the special look back we have planned for next month. Be sure to leave your name and town as well!

Don't Delay, Call Now!
Don’t Delay, Call Now!


New Weekly Podcast Schedule!

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As we head into Spring and summer we are once again changing our show lineup slightly. Starting this week here is the lineup on our podcast network.

Monday: Fullsode
Tuesday: Minisode (Hot Topics)
Wednesday: Minisode (Entertainment News)
Thursday: Fullsode
Friday: Problem Solvers
Saturday: Shut Up And Watch The Movie! (First Saturday Of The Month)
Sunday: Predictibilities

Specials to Be released periodically:
Music Reviews
Third Wheel Edition (Interview Show)



The Never O’ Clock Variety Show: April 19th At The Alt Theatre Buffalo, NY


The Hotshot Whiz Kids Are proud to announce the Never O’ Clock Variety Show on April 19th at 9PM at the Alt Theatre (255 Greate Arrow Ave, Buffalo, NY) The show will feature sketch comedy, stand up, improv and live music. The show will feature appearances by sketch group Uncle Lina, Stand up by Brian Brady And Colin Burgess Plus a musical guest to be announced. Come on out for a night of fun.

Shut Up And Watch The Movie!: Explorers | Movie Commentary Podcast

Explorers (1985)
Explorers (1985)

This week on our Netflix movie commentary podcast is a personal favorite of mine, Explorers. It is a movie about a few kids, who are evidently super geniuses, who manage to build their own space ship. The movie takes advantage of every kid’s fantasy to just get away from it all and you can’t get much further away than actually leaving the planet earth. The movie loses something at the end when they finally meet the aliens, who happen to be kids themselves (spoiler), but all in all this is a fantastic Sci-Fi fantasy movie from the same people who made Gremlins and one of my favorites, Innerspace, which came out a couple of years later. Explorers was also the the debut film of Ethan Hawke And the late River Phoenix. I should also note that movie came out the same summer as my favorite movie of all time Back To The Future, so it was a great summer for science fiction films. Check out our commentary of this film this weekend on Shut Up And watch The movie!