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Third Wheel Edition: John Frusciante Of The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Co.


This time on a Third Wheel edition of the podcast the guys welcome John Frusciante of the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring company to the show. The guys talk to John about the upcoming UCB show in Buffalo on March 28th. They also talk to John about having the same name as the former Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist and the art of improv, as well as how John got into improv and joined the UCB. Later John and the Guys answer some more questions from the always fun Relationship advice section on Reddit.

The Hotshot Whiz kids Podcast Third Wheel Edition: Chris Gullo

Chris Gullo
Chris Gullo

This time on the Third Wheel edition of the Podcast, the guys are joined by comedian and wrestling announcer/manager Chris Gullo. On the show the guys talk about wrestling and question Gullo on how he is still big fan of the sport even at his advanced age. Later the guys talk about Cline being stuck in a room while a couple made love, Skelator, Tina Turner renouncing her US citizenship, a sickly Burt Reynolds and more!

The Hotshot whiz Kids Third Wheel Edition: Patrick Higgins

Patrick Higgins

This week on the Third Wheel Edition of the Podcast, the guys are joined by comedian Patrick Higgins, who calls in from Seattle, Washington. The guys talk about body wash, wearing floaties to swim, the stand up scene in Seattle and a sex club that Higgins visited.

The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Third Wheel: Chet Wild

Chet Wild
Chet Wild

On This episode of the Third Wheel Edition of the podcast, Comedian Chet Wild joins the Whiz Kids. The guys talk with Chet about reverse foot fetishes and Porn before getting into a discussion about stand up comedy and  Cline and Mark admit they are not huge fans of a lot of Stand Up Comedy. Later Cline reads an article on how to perform under pressure. Later Chet and Cline talk about a girl they mutually dated and the Whiz Kids tell everyone how they are certified sexperts. Finally the guys finish off the show with a round of celebrity autograph Price is Right.

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