Knight Rider Series Finale TV Commentary Podcast- Shut Up And Watch The Movie!


This week we are back in the world of 80’s TV and watch the series finale of what was one of our favorite shows when we were kids, Knight Rider. Looking back now, it seems we had horrible taste in television, but that car was and is so cool. As was the case with Murder She Wrote, which we did a commentary for a few weeks ago, the finale was pretty much just a normal episode. The producers and actors knew that the show had a declining audience and the end was near so they wrote an episode titled The Scent Of Roses where Michael’s fiancé was killed, that was supposed to be a finale but instead the network put that episode in the middle of the season and ended the series with the episode we watch, called Voo Doo Knight. So, get you Netflix of DVD ready and listen to our commentary of the series finale of the 1980’s hit Knight Rider.

Season 4 Episode 22: Voo Doo Knight