LOL Movie Commentary Podcast- Shut Up And Watch The Movie!


This week the guys jump back into this decade for a change and watch the 2012 film, LOL, starring the mush mouthed Miley Cyrus.

Not Known for her acting chops or as a particularly great singer, Miley has still managed to defy the odds of being a celebrity’s daughter to gain super stardom within the teen demographic. This movie is every thing you would expect from a PG-13 teen drama that sometimes marketed itself as a comedy. John Hughes would roll in his grave if he saw this sorry excuse for a teen drama. Every moment of the film is contrived and the exceptionally beautiful twenty- something actors who play high school students are not people that the average american teen could relate to. The movie has it’s fair share of questionable scenes which would make most parents cringe if they were watching this movie with a younger child. Like the opening scene where Miley’s Lola character walks in on her mom, played by Demi Moore, taking a bath with her younger sister and decides it would be a good time to strip down herself and take a shower which prompts her mom to question her “Brazilian” waxed nether regions. There is also plenty of bra wearing sex and closed mouth kissing that pushed this movie to the PG-13 rating. Overall this film lacks any real story or direction and the writing can be quite lazy with the use of the journal to let us know exactly how Miley’s character feels throughout the movie and is used as a plot tool to create friction and drama between her and her mom. In the end the Whiz Kids both give this movie two stars for no reason other than there were some attractive girls in the movie and because Mark didn’t fall asleep during the viewing for a change. So, get your Netflix (or DVD) ready and line up our audio for the 2012 movie LOL. Press play, now!