Shut Up And Watch The Movie!: The Jerk Theory


This week we watch the 2009 movie the Jerk Theory starring Adam Dynes and Mrs. Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan. In the film Adam Dynes’ character is a lead singer in a high school band who decided it will be easier to get girls if he is a jerk. All this stems from an incident where he was heart broken after his arch rival took his girl to the prom. The music in the movie was written and performed by Mr. Dynes himself, which I wouldn’t openly admit in public if I were him. As viewers we are forced to suspend our disbelief and musical taste and pretend the watered down, generic pop music is something all of the kids at his Catholic high school love. Tom Arnold and some especially ugly sidekick offer some “comic relief” and the movie is a little bit more edgy than you would think for a wannabee 80’s teen movie. All in all the movie sucks, but The Hotshot Whiz Kids are here to help. Get your Netflix all ready and Shut up And Watch The Movie!