Third Wheel Edition: Tinslee Reagan

Tinslee Reagan AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2013
This time on the Third Wheel Edition up and coming Adult Film star Tinslee Reagan calls in from the west coast.  Sometimes when you have a guest on the show it ends up they don’t have much to say, but that certainly was not the case with our new favorite guest Tinslee Reagan. Tinslee gave the guys an uncensored look into how she got started in the Porn industry and shared some great stories about some of the adventures she has been on since she got started in the adult industry including the romantic gift of broccoli, free television and the ten thousand dollar lunch .

The guys discovered Tinslee Reagan on Twitter and enjoyed not only her revealing pictures but also her hilarious tweets. Tinslee explained in the interview how she got started in the business as a dancer and made her way down to California where she would do some nude modeling, eventually jumping into porn. She also talks about some of the abuse a person in the pubic eye can take on Twitter and how many of her followers were not happy when she was in a scene with some black guys. Tinslee also talked about some of the creepy guys who showered her with gifts, which included a 10,000 lunch and some broccoli as well as a new Television that she doesn’t watch. Hear about these stories and more in our interview with Tinslee Reagan. Don’t forget to leave us a review on itunes and check out all of our other shows on the Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Network!