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Problem Solvers: Healthcare

The Doctor is in.
The Doctor is in.

This week the guys discuss the Healthcare debate and Cline comes up with a plan to give everyone healthcare.

210K Lunch With Apple CEO

I better be full after this lunch!


***For reasons beyond Our Control This Episode contains some audio glitches throughout.***

The guys start off with a plea to their fellow man to stop letting delusional people think they are better at things than they really are. Later the guys talk about how they overuse the word “listen”.  Later they talk about a recent auction that was held for the privilege of having lunch with the CEO of Apple. Plus the differences between men and woman, getting caught cheating and more!

George jones Is Dead and People Watch concerts Through Cell Phones- Minisode 143


The guys mourn the death of George Jones, even though Mark has never heard of him. Plus the guys talk about Cinco De mayo, filming concerts with your phone and more!

Fundawear and Internet Dating- Minisode 142


The guys talk about the new Fundawear app which allows people to pleasure their lover remotely. Later the guys discuss meeting girls online and note that the success rate is rather low.

New Weekly Podcast Schedule!

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As we head into Spring and summer we are once again changing our show lineup slightly. Starting this week here is the lineup on our podcast network.

Monday: Fullsode
Tuesday: Minisode (Hot Topics)
Wednesday: Minisode (Entertainment News)
Thursday: Fullsode
Friday: Problem Solvers
Saturday: Shut Up And Watch The Movie! (First Saturday Of The Month)
Sunday: Predictibilities

Specials to Be released periodically:
Music Reviews
Third Wheel Edition (Interview Show)